Here are all the ideas for a science project on science buddies.

Physical Science

Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics Project Ideas

How Does a Hovercraft Work?

The Swimming Secrets of Duck Feet

How Far Will It Fly? Build and Test Paper Cranes With Different Drag

Let's go fly a kite!

Making a "Whirly Bird" From Paper

Into the Wild Blue Yonder: The Science of Launching An Aircraft By Catapult

Make Monkeys Fly in the Blink of An Eye

Milk Does Your Body and a Boat Good - Design Your Own Milk Carton Boat

Up, Up and Away in your own Hot-Air Balloon!

Archimedes Squeeze: At What Diameter Does An Aluminum Boat Sink?

Bottled-Up Buoyancy

Butterfly Wings: Use Nature To Learn More About Flight